Happy Christmas

A year ago, I was in my lovely England, celebrating the Christmas holidays at the home of a very kind English lady, her family, and several of my dear friends and classmates. It has all gone by so fast, hasn't it?

Christmas has a very different feel here in the US. There is no Christmas pudding this year, no brandy butter, no candlelit carol service at Holy Trinity Church, no wandering along King's Parade in the evening, no candles on the tree, no mulled wine, no mince pies (also, no broken bones, thank heavens!),  no cheery, puffed-up English robins, no wintry bus rides to Saffron Walden, no walking along the Cam to Grantchester for tea. . .

. . . but there is family, and also relatives, and fires burning with stockings hanging from the mantlepiece, (and Persian food I have missed so much!), and an old piano, and beautiful American cardinals sitting on hawthorn branches, and plenty of snow-covered spruce trees, and icicles, and white-tailed deer, and so much kindness from faraway friends.

All different this year, but good.

Whether you are home, away from home -- or both at the same time -- please have a wonderful Christmas holiday!