Out and about

It is a time to be outdoors as much as possible, here in upstate New York. 

A time to see the beautifully drooping heads of the summer sunflowers bow out with the last days of warm weather. Here are a few snapshots of what you might see in this neck of the woods, as they say, during this time of year. Whether you are at the marketplace, a vineyard, a farm, or taking a walk through the woods, there is a incredibly varied palette of colours that should not be missed! 

Last year, far too much time was spent grumbling and mumbling about not being in England. This year feels happier, an-enjoy-and-live-more-in-the-moment-and-record-as-much-as-possible one. Because when I make that big move across the sea again to home #2 it would be terrible to look back and realise there was so much to be appreciated here at home #1 and wonder if I missed it all by thinking about another place… :)