New Year

I had a few days off for the holidays, but it was a challenge to keep to the studio and focus on illustration work. Going home and being with family was too tempting.

And when a story is still taking shape, whether it is the artwork or the text, it is silence and long blocks of time to work that are key … where does one find those things this time of year?

A number weeks ago, a good friend of mine who is also a keen quilter took me to a little fabric shop in one of the little towns not so far from here. So many lovely colours and patterns … couldn't stay away from the mustardy-brown tones. 

Happy to finally get everything all stitched up a few days ago! 

I hadn't sewn much of anything in a long time, and although it wasn't a very difficult pattern to follow, my appreciation for seamstresses and tailors just about skyrocketed when I tried and failed to put the seam in the ditch of the skirt. Decided to improvise a bit instead this time ...

Embroidery is nice because I guess it doesn't really require the same level of concentration that writing or illustration does; easy to transport and do anywhere, for any length of time. You can take out stitches if you don't like them, and work freehand with the needle taking you wherever you like. We watched White Christmas at home and in the meantime I managed to finish up and start a couple of smaller projects.

Just need a clasp for this one and soon it will be a coin purse. A ribbon behind the one below for a headband. 

I hope you have a starry, happy, and bright start to the New Year!