I voted. I didn't really think about it. The act of voting, that is. Just like I forget, all the time, that it takes about five minutes to walk from my desk to the graves of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Would that upset them, not thinking twice? Maybe it would make them smile instead, that it is so basic and normal a right that one hundred years later kids can grow up and hardly give it a second thought. Maybe that too is some silent, semi-oblivious, semi-forgetful, and unconscious way of giving thanks.

So thanks, SBA, FD, and others. I was sorry to forget you this morning but the hundreds and hundreds of people lined up, walking by, stickering your graves, and honoring your memories and life work, helped me remember.

Go to it, people, come on, you beautiful and good country. Still some time. V o t e.