Happy Halloween!

I took today off because 1) it is my favorite holiday; 2) I never do; 3) this is payback for being too old, too tall, and too awkward to go trick-or-treating; and 4) I strongly feel this day should be a national holiday, especially if you live in the northeast, and I don't know why it isn't. I think these are all excellent reasons to take a day off.

For this year's jack o'lantern, I used one of Leo Lionni's illustrations from his charming story "Frederick" as a reference:

"And when they saw Frederick sitting there, staring at the meadow, they said, 'And now, Frederick?'
'I gather colors,' answered Frederick simply. 'For winter is grey.'" 

Here also is an October-y moon-cat, painted for my mom's birthday earlier this month. Oh there are days when I still expect to see my two funny little monsters running around the house -- especially on Halloween, when Pepper looked particularly spectacular (and most mischievous) against the pumpkin orange. 

I had never tried a tempera-like medium before and I say "tempera-like" because instead of pure pigments, I just ground up some of my pastels and mixed them with the egg yolk. I love being able to pile on layers (aka make mistakes and be able to cover them up) but I'm not sure how I feel about the egg part. I sort of badly mixed up part of the yolk with one of the green colors and I couldn't help but think that it looked like some weird rancid-but-not egg paste...glgughhh. (Sorry mom!) It did get better, though, and I hope to try this out again. 

Also this month I participated in the Inktober 2017 challenge on Instagram. A few posts were pretty darn banal but here are two fall-y ones from near the end that I quite like:

After initially being completely daunted (and momentarily forgetful that inks do in fact come in other colors besides black), I discovered that I really enjoyed testing out different ways of using the ink: wet on wet, mixing colors, letting the ink almost dry and then bleeding out the edges with water, and so on. On one of the posts Beth Garnett commented (we were talking about different media): "I love the bleed and the bloom [of ink] too much" ... that sums it up for me too!

You can see the rest of the posts here
In the meantime, and to all of those lucky ducks who can still go out tonight, have a wonderful and safe time, and stay warm!