First real touch of fall this weekend and that means a start to the prettiest landscapes someplace east of here.

White whale

Another bday at the press, for an editor very fond of Melville's tale...so here is MD in, um, happier days.

"Clap eye on Captain Ahab, young man, and thou wilt find that he has only one leg."
"What do you mean, sir? Was the other one lost by a whale?"
"Lost by a whale! Young man, come nearer to me: it was devoured, chewed up, CRUNCHED by the monstrousest parmacetty that ever chipped a boat! Ah, ah!"


Birthday today at the press for our cat-loving production editor. They were wise to put my desk upstairs and far, far away from the table.


Breezy, cloudy morning by the lake and a somewhat drizzly afternoon: hurdles on one idea made way for sketches and roughs tossed about for the seedling of another. 


Spent the weekend down in the capital for my cousin's pretty wedding.

Just as lovely was catching up with a poet friend whose beautiful words were recently published in the New Yorker, here. For a few seconds it was like a reverse, modern bohème (am I always going on about this piece? Just tell me to stop...). Instead of freezing Paris, a boiling summer day in DC. Poet. Artist. Cafe. Struggling, struggling. Dreams. Freedom...   


A few recent sketchbook images and the discovery that brass and winds are great subjects to draw...they sit still! 
Now those diva strings on the other hand...


A few images of a recent visit to Philadelphia. I hadn't spent any length of time in the city before and while it wasn't a leisure trip, I did have a little while to myself to squeeze in some sketching. 

Cmdre. Barry statue

N. C. Wyeth's oils for Treasure Island, Brandywine Museum, Chadds Ford. Seeing his home, studio, props, many other originals, and even a full mural was very special. Unfortunately, although rightly so, no photographs were allowed of A. Wyeth's works in watercolor and tempera, nor of many other works by various Brandywine artists also on exhibit. 

Billy Booonnnes!

Birdwatcher statue, Brandywine Museum

Eakins Oval, from some very famous steps!

(Stole this pic from the Project Muse Twitter page) Early morning 5k to kick off AAUP 2016!  


Independence Hall in the rain

Elfreth's Alley

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall in the sun!

Hotel view 

Gen. Washington statue

Independence Hall, from Chestnut St. 

Until next time...

For God's sake, John, sit down!

Another day

Never really considered what the end of the 20s might feel like, but so far seems pretty calming. Spent the first day of 29 out in the garden wondering at how the time has flown since 24...you know, back when we looked like this (!):

Laaawd have mercy! 

cat nap

We chased the light for hours, up, down, around, and again and shadow! there you were.


I would like to turn the hands
back for a moment to when I
drifting in my little boat,

saw the green, green sea
for the first time

and realized, startled,
that without knowing it
I had already raised

the white sail.

In the Big City

Me, Valentine's 2016, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Something like -15C out, murderous windchill too. Tried to surrender but frozen stiff.